TA Information

Pratham Madaram 

I most excited about helping students build their technical toolkit through project-based learning. I am looking forward to creating projects for students to build their knowledge base no matter how much knowledge they have about the subject. Finally, I plan to add more features to the FabLab to make it an advanced learning space. 

Personal Hobbies

I am interested in integrating artificial intelligence into different fields of STEM such as robotics, energy systems, and medical devices. 

Min Green 

I am super excited to host creative workshops that combine the technology on campus with student creativity! Please let me know if you have any project ideas you want help with! 

Personal Hobbies

Nature, Arts and Crafts, and Music! If you ever need anything sewn/mended, please reach out to me! 

Ashe Sonntag 

I am looking forward to helping with student projects, leading trainings on new and exciting equipment, and having a blast in the FabLab. 

Personal Hobbies

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Satellite Design, and all things Rockets. 

Christo  Papaioannou

Working in the FabLab and helping out in any way I can. 

Personal Hobbies

Electronics, Underwater Robotics