Available Training 

Please check the Fab Lab Calendar tab for available times and Fab Lab Hours

GlowForge Laser Engraver

- 30 minute introduction ( Introduction to equipment, safety , program, sample cut )

-30 minute intermediate ( Design, tool path modification, custom material )

Ultimaker 3D printer

-30 minute introduction ( Introduction to equipment, safety , Cura slice program, sample print )

-30 minute intermediate ( Cura program  tools,  project orientation, print parameters )

Fusion3 3D printer

Prerequisite - Ultimaker 3D printer Training

Hand Tools



Battery Operated Power Tools



Circular Saw/Reciprocating Saw

Online FabLab resources

Canvas Course - FabLab Canvas course 

Logging in to 3Dprinter OS

Fusion 360 Introduction

Tinker CAD Tutorial